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As members or past customers of these companies, we’re able to offer our readers discounts and extra value freebies on some of our favorite RVing resources:

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Join Escapees RV Club / Xscapers

Escapees RV ClubThe Escapees RV Club, one of the oldest, largest and most loved RV membership organizations in the world, is a tightly-knit community of more than 60,000 freedom-driven travelers who share a passion for life on the road. Members also get access to support services like mail forwarding, discounted parking, healthcare solutions, and roadside assistance, as well as educational resources like RVers Boot Camp, RVers Online University, SmartWeigh, and Escapees magazine.

Xscapers, a lifestyle group within Escapees, is a diverse community of today’s active, adventurous RVers, dedicated to enabling their dreams of working and sharing life on the road. Xscapers reflects the changing RVing demographic, with more people becoming full- or part-time RVers earlier in life, often while they are still working or even raising a family. We’ve become close friends with dozens of other Xscapers, and we meet up with them often. To be an Xscaper, just check the Xscapers box when you join Escapees.

The deal: Well, at only $39.99 a year, Escapees membership is already a great deal by itself! But if you join by clicking the button below, we do get credit for referring you. 🙂 

Join Escapees/Xscapers

Get 3 Months Free from Passport America

Join Passport America and get 3 months FREE!Passport America is a discount camping club that offers 50% off at more than 1,800 campgrounds across North America. It is hands-down our favorite discount program when we want parking with hookups. Many of the participating parks are new or have recently changed owners, so they are trying to increase their exposure; others just have lots of extra space at certain times of the year. We have saved many times the $44.00 membership fee, often in just one stay. We like Passport America so much that after our first year, we renewed for five more years when they ran a discount offer for existing members!

The deal: Join by clicking the button below or by specifying our ID (C-690121) as the Referring Member, and get three additional months free added to your membership!

Join Passport America & Get 3 Months Free

Get 10% off Harvest Hosts membership

Join Harvest Hosts and get 1 month FREEHarvest Hosts provides free overnight camping at hundreds of wineries, breweries, farms and museums. Most of the time, this is dry camping, so you must have a self-contained RV (no tent-trailers, outdoor kitchens or tents), but a few host locations do offer partial hookups. We love staying at Harvest Host member properties when we are en route between destinations. How could you not like having a wine tasting, fresh produce, or an interesting museum right outside your RV door?

The deal: Join by clicking the button below and get 10% off your membership–that’s like getting more than a month free!

Join Harvest Hosts & Get 10% Off

Get $50 Off Disc Brakes at Performance Trailer Braking

Performance Trailer Braking is the leader in converting the drum brakes found on most trailers to electric-over-hydraulic disc brakes. They sell their conversion kits with professional installation, or alone with expert technical support if you’re a DIYer. Electric-over-hydraulic disc brakes can stop your trailer nearly 50% faster than electric drum brakes. Performance Trailer Braking did our disc brake conversion in 2017, and the difference in braking authority and stopping distance is huge! The extra margin of safety on steep downhill grades or in a panic-stop situation gives us much greater peace of mind.

The deal: Get a $50 discount on any disc brake conversion kit from Performance Trailer Braking, whether you have them install it or you do it yourself. To get the discount, you must provide our name (David & Cheryl Goldstein) before purchasing your kit.

Save $50 on Disc Brakes from Performance Trailer Braking