In our quest to see as many of the National Parks as we can, we researched Channel Islands National Park, to discover that you have to take a boat to get there and that it is comprised of several islands and that would take several trips to explore them all. So we opted to go to the Visitor’s Center which is located on the mainland in Ventura. I was pleased to see that the official National Park sign was there which means that I was at this park and can check it off my list – and my new shirt! (more on that in another post).

Every National Park has a reason for existing and Channel Islands National Park preserves what is unique to these isolated islands, as well as in the water surrounding the islands. There is a lot of wonderful history and biology and cultural anthropology to study there. The visitor’s center gave us a nice overview with their exhibits, but someday I’d like to have the opportunity to explore the islands themselves. Friends of ours got to kayak around the islands and explore some of the caves there. That would be a cool trip!

Next stop was the historical Ventura Pier. Again, we ran into fog on the coast so we couldn’t see much, but it was still nice to be there.

We only had one day to spend in Ventura, so of course we had to check out one of their local restaurants. We found very good reviews for the Taj Cafe – voted the best Indian food in town and we were not disappointed. The manager was very friendly and gave us a table for two at the front window. It was an enjoyable ending to a very nice day.

Our Day in Foggy Ventura, California
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